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Hidden Feminist Certificate

Tomorrow Girls Troop believes that one way to encourage the use of the word “feminism” and the spread of feminism’s ideals is by thanking the many “hidden feminists” out there, heightening awareness of how people can help support women and equality.We started the project to send out this certificate to people who we think contribute to women’s issue in Japan.

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 Why is the word “feminist” so uncomfortable?

 If you believe in equality, you are a feminist. 

We believe that there are many people in the world—men and women, husbands and fathers, wives and mothers, sisters and brothers—who are “hidden feminists.” They may not associate themselves with the word “feminism” but they are affecting change in the world today, through their own everyday actions. 

All of these actions are like individual drops in a pond, but their ripples are felt throughout society. 

To these people we want to say “thank you.” The “Hidden Feminist Certificate” project aims to help put in effect the values of feminism through positive reinforcement. Please help spread the word about hidden feminists, and help keep the word “feminism” and its ideals in circulation. 

Send one to your father to say, Thank you for encouraging your daughter the way you encourage your son.

Send one to your boss to say, Thank you for giving me the same opportunity as male co-workers.

Thank you accepting me for who I am, not how I look. 

Thank you for supporting a woman’s right to her own voice and opinions. 

Thank you for believing in equal pay for equal work. 

Thank you for respecting my personal space. 

Thank you for respecting my privacy regarding my age, marital status, or family situation. 

What would you thank a “hidden feminist” for?

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