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Who Are the Tomorrow Girls Troop?

We are fourth-wave feminists whose genders and nationalities vary. Our social art projects are Internet-based, focusing on gender inequality issues in East Asia. Tomorrow Girls Troop was established in April 2015.

Our TGT Masks

Our TGT masks are a hybrid of the Rabbit and the Silkworm. The silkworm is a symbol of women’s labor in Asia. Rabbits are often associated with women and are portrayed as cute, weak creatures. Urban legend says that they can die of loneliness. We wanted to change this idea dn breathe a new life into the image of a rabbit—as one who is independent, and does not try to please everyone.


We Are a Group Without a “Center”

Our collective comprises about 50 members worldwide, and is consistently growing. Our collective is non-hierarchical and participatory. As young feminists from diverse backgrounds, we represent students, mothers, part-time workers, the underemployed, and the unemployed reflecting on the sexism and racism we experience. Although we may miss out on opportunities as individuals, the mutual support of our collaborators allow us to accomplish impressive projects together. Our goal is to create a sustainable feminist movement in East Asia driven by our artistic practice while introducing contemporary East Asian feminism to the English-speaking world.

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