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Believe Design

Tomorrow Girls Troop supported the Believe campaign by designing the logos, website, badge and banner, and art direction of the booklet design.    


Target groups of the campaign

Our main target group was young women, who are, according to the statistics from White Paper Report on Crime*, the least informed of, yet the most vulnerable to sexual violence. The sub-target group was men. The campaign was aimed to appeal for the Japanese penal code to revise and broaden the definition of rape so that male victims can be recognized.

  • Target group : the most vulnerable to, yet the least informed of sex violence = young women

  • Sub-target group: men: colors and design that appeal to male audience

Tomorrow Girls Troop and Chabudai-gaeshi Action designed for the campaign while conducting interviews. We aimed to expand the movement, which was started by the concerned parties and supporters, and presented the designs that appeal to both the main and sub-target groups.   

After the campaign

The Believe campaign was launched by Tomorrow Girls Troop, Shiawasenamida, Chabudai-gaeshi Action, and Advocacy Group calling for the empowerment of sexual abuse victims. The latter organizations conducted lobbying activities and organized workshops and events.   

After the revision of sex crime law was approved, we received the following feedback from the teams in charge of lobbying and the consent workshop.

  • Social activism on sexual violence deals with a heavy theme and it is difficult to engage young generations, however this campaign successfully reached out to many college students and young adults.

  • The power of arts and design helped attract many young people to the campaign.

  • During lobbying and meetings at the Diet, young Diet members reacted positively to the art works of the campaign.

  • The campaign adopted gender-free design, which generated the active engagement of male audience, such as male college students.

*White Paper Report on Crime is created to give the Japanese government and citizens broad information on international and domestic crime for research and investigation of crime prevention measures.